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Steve Siebold, founder of Mental Toughness University, and business partner Hugh Curley team up to bring mental toughness to your company.

 Mental Toughness University is a process, NOT a traditional training program. It teaches participants how to think like world-class performers and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for maximum performance.

MTU is a cross between

emotional intelligence training

and critical thinking.

Three Step MTU Process

Step 1.

MTU begins with a six hour seminar delivered on your site or at your next convention.Teams learn mental toughness techniques and critical thinking strategies they can use immediately. This will help team members focus on important aspects of the project, recognize and ignore distractions, control their emotions and boost their immunity to rejection and the psychological distractions of organization change.

Step 2.

This seminar may be followed up by multiple twelve month processes to reinforce points and continue the development. Results of data collected from over 200 corporate clients and 35,000 graduates across 10 countries since 1997 show the biggest benefits to be increased performance, an enhanced ability to function during organizational change, and an increased retention rate combined with an elevated engagement and overall job satisfaction.

Step 3.

If desired, leadership of the program is assumed by the corporations' managers and continues in perpetuity.



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